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The Year of the Rainbow

The Year of the Rainbow Eva Marquez

It is in our nature to step into a new year with meaningful resolutions. The dream of a new life is like the new shoes that you want so badly, and then you buy them without even trying them on. You imagine how great and comfortable they will be. When you put them on, you are disappointed when your feet hurt and get blisters. The dream turns into a nightmare. How could it be your fault that they do not fit as you dreamed they would?

Blame will feed your victimhood and your belief that your feelings of unhappiness are justified. The ego will whisper, “Throw them away. Let’s buy another pair.” But it will also rush you into making the same mistake as before. There is not enough time to try the new pair on. This becomes a continuous cycle of earthly life driven by the human ego: Dreaming leads to manifestation, which then leads to unhappiness. But it does not have to be this way. We live in the most amazing times in which quantum changes and miracles are becoming the everyday norm.