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Soul Integration and the Importance of Discernment

Soul Integration and the Importance of Discernment Kuthumi through Rae Chandran

Greetings, beloved ones. I am Lord Kuthumi, and I come on the rays of love and wisdom. At this auspicious time of the year, when humanity is on the brink of great changes, it is important to have discernment. Many new developments and changes are on the forefront for humanity to utilize to create the lives they desperately want. Discernment plays a very big part in this process.

What is discernment? It is the ability to distinguish and choose what is appropriate. Although this sounds simple, for most of humanity, this has been a difficult task. Why is that so? It is because most humans look for answers from a fixed point and are not able to tap into the quantum possibilities that exist in each moment. Their perceptions are colored by the experiences they might have had, including previous lives. It is critical at this moment to develop this ability, as in the future, starting from January 2023 onward, all experiences will be cloaked in multiple possibilities, and people will be given multiple choices in everything they do.