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Reclaim Mastery

Reclaim Mastery Kira Raa

One way or another, the stage is set: January 2023 is a powerhouse of energy and reset. This is the epitome of a new-year moment, as the support for all is vast and carries greater energy than ever before. This is the exquisite dance of master in form invited to be amid the creation while calling it forward. The divine moment is always yours to ignite — with clarity, at any time — through the law of instantaneous manifestation. You are the master of the 2023 storm experience. You are ready to see the oneness and reclaim mastery.

The experience during this entire year will lead to a choice for all in 2024. How wondrous that this month is opening with the presence of resolution. The energy pulls everything together and reminds you that you are profoundly creative. You have literally everything you need to move forward and make this moment matter. Get even clearer and say yes to you. Let go of any limiting beliefs in favor of loving you more. The energy of 11 with the infinite is a reminder that you are the unified blessing of body and form having this amazing life now.