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Now Is the Time to Fulfill Your Divine Purpose

Now Is the Time to Fulfill Your Divine Purpose Divine Sponsors of the Temple of Sacred Alchemy through Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Pallas Athena: A sacred calling has echoed its presence in millions of souls presently sojourning on this planet. This great awakening is a timely answer to a planet destined to once again implode with a series of devastating cataclysms. Why? It is because humanity’s unconsciousness, wedded to the advances in technology and science, has posed a serious threat to life on Earth.

Under a great divine plan, a destiny was born as millions signed up to demonstrate the awakening and ascension in the light. This unseen divine hand in the present planetary equation has allowed timelines to be altered and souls to rise out of amnesia and dark programming into the rarefied understanding that they are divine. Those from the realms of light have had a special protective field around them along with a shield protecting the divine codes that would be awakened in this time. These activations have been taking place since 2012, initiating the great advancement we see in the global renaissance and planetary awakening.