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Markers of Soul Growth

Markers of Soul Growth Lightbeings through Sara Wiseman

Thus, you are called to work on the part of you that is the most real, the only thing that never ends: your infinite self. For many of you, learning to live from the soul is what this lifetime is all about. This is your reason for being. It is really a choice, isn’t it?

It’s a choice for you individually and also for you as part of a collective soul to continue to distract yourself with surface stuff that doesn’t last or actually focus on what matters: to experience yourself as a soul. Once you reach a certain point on your spiritual path, you find a lot of what’s in the world doesn’t matter. It’s all just temporary. It’s all going to be gone soon enough. We say — and we hope you understand this clearly — that you can’t take it with you, not your stuff, not your body, not even your mind.