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Love Changes Your Experience

Love Changes Your Experience Inspired Guidance through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As we move through these very mammoth, invisible energies, we stand at the bend in the tunnel of love, not seeing a way out or in. We are frozen and have drained our bodies, minds, and spirits while looking for a cure to what ails us but have not found anything but ice cream. Every day we are like a 1,000 piece puzzle as we try to put ourselves and our lives back together again.

Like a self-made, virtual yet authentic avatar, we seek to find out what will make us braver, smarter, and stronger. It’s like being in the movie Groundhog Day; we are going around and around in a time travel loop. We are, however, getting better at putting the pieces together, yet we still seek the cover picture to complete and compare our works. Like a determined chemist, we look for the invisible lining between the seen and the unseen, searching the cosmos for the exact equation that will create a cosmic elixir for all to sip from.