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Go Big, Because You Are Home

Go Big, Because You Are Home Pleiadians Norma and Adora and Marna through Jenine Beecher

Jenine: Looking at 2023 clairvoyantly, I see its energy vibrate at yellow. I read 2020 and 2021 at green, and 2022 came in at blue. These identifying colors help me distinguish various energetic information. I see a progression of the past few years into 2023. Big lessons have been building into which I then see a flowering, a blossoming.

In the new year, we will go through a blossoming growth period that will feel different from the growth periods we’ve experienced in the past few years. This is a chance to revive ourselves, to demonstrate who we are to ourselves and to the world in different ways. These are bigger, brighter — some might say better, but I would say enhanced — versions of ourselves that will come through in 2023.