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The Future Is Now

The Future Is Now Johosephat through Greg Branson

Johosephat: In ancient Greece, a seer [mantis] was an expert in the art of divination. People consulted them to make sense of a difficult period in their lives. Seers did not presume to tell the future, nor did they claim to possess a paranormal power that was independent of a god’s inspiration or dispensation. They would sacrifice an animal, make note of the animal’s dying throes and blood flow, and then they read the entrails. They always implied that the information imparted was their own. Unlike most mediums in modern society, many seers were highly paid and well respected members of the educated elite who played an essential role in the conduct of daily life, political decisions, and military campaigns. Armies were never without one.

Prophecy was given through the oracles — five priestesses who relayed predictions from the gods. The Delphic oracle, a priestess called Pythia, was the most famous. Many believed that she had a supernatural being behind the scenes during their consultations that was beyond the range of ordinary human understanding. This bridged the gap between the gods and themselves in an effective manner