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Find Comfort in What You Are

Find Comfort in What You Are Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

Find comfort in the knowing. Knowing what? It is a question of not just thinking but knowing in your great, open heart that you are Source. You are one being with me, Supreme Creator Goddess and All That Is. You are in me, with me, at all times and in all spaces, dimensions, places, and universes that we create together. You create on Earth so that I can know Earth through you. You are experiencing for me, learning for me, and dancing with and for me while at the same time being of great service to me and humanity at large.

When you smile and enjoy the great service that you create, you are performing for me and with me. With every little service you perform for another human being, know that I feel it, enjoy it, and revel in it. Every ounce of light that you anchor and spread is with and for me