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Be Consciousness in Action

Be Consciousness in Action Jeshua of the Sacred Heart through Carlos Rubio

Dear ones, I’m Jeshua. The heart never stops or takes a break. It is always in motion (e-motion), animating your light and physical bodies. Likewise, spirit does not rest. I and others in the community of light are devoted to having your world return to full consciousness, and we are always in movement, active and alert to continue the work that began centuries ago. The same is true of your soul, your true self: It does not sleep nor step out of your sight for a moment, for it is part of you. It is always present and aware of the reality of consciousness.

This message is about the importance of staying in action and moving forward on your path toward personal purification, spiritual freedom, enlightenment, and ascension. You are rising from the ashes of your previous limited self and moving upward and inward into accepting more of the light of your real soul self to manifest and find expression through your physical affairs. Ascension is about consciously regaining this connection and allowing this powerful spiritual energy to step boldly in your field and influence your life so decisively that your previous self would not recognize the being you are becoming.