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Akashic Answers

Akashic Answers Amanda Romania

Welcome to 2023 and blessings from Sedona, Arizona. In the akashic records, 2023 holds the energy of the seventh gateway in the nine-year akashic program. This is the overlay of lessons for us as a collective group of souls. This year we focus on finding peace and being on our healing journey. Our Pleiadian friends are very active in assisting us to open our third eyes and crown chakras to allow a greater capacity for intuition and psychic development. As always, I wanted to share some of the questions I have received and my answers.

I am really struggling with switching gears in my life. I am currently sitting with my 2023 vision board, and nothing is coming to me. I’m neither happy nor sad, and my life and relationships are stable and happy. But all the same, something is missing. What do my akashic records show, please? — Diane, San Diego