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You Are Transitioning to the New Earth Paradigm

You Are Transitioning to the New Earth Paradigm Goddess Sophia through Blanca Beyar

My beloved children of Earth, the great Atlantis has risen again, and you each contain the DNA strand that qualifies you to return to your majestic essence so that you can partake in the celebration and development of the New Earth — the new Atlantis. This is the greatest endeavor you have ever waited for through your countless lifetimes and incarnations. You only need to make the conscious choice to return to your natural state of your heart center’s pure love and to uphold the new creation. It is vitally important that you remain focused on the newness, cultivation, and rise of the New Earth.

As your memories return, I hold each of you in the highest vibration of pure love as you continue to expand your wings through transitioning the old paradigm into the new vibrational field of the New Earth. You are taking on what might seem like your greatest challenge. Rise above the external, and witness yourself and the world as you continue to transcend through the great unveiling that is necessary to facilitate your grand arrival at the New Earth paradigm.