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We Are Light Navigators

We Are Light Navigators Inspired Guidance through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As we move through these very immense, invisible energies, we stand at the bend in the tunnel of love — not seeing a way out and not seeing a way in. We have drained our bodies, minds, and spirits while looking for a cure to what ails us all. As if we are driven chemists, we look for the invisible living between the unseen, searching the cosmos for the exact equation that will construct a panacea for all to sip from.

Many years ago in my early training as a channel, I learned that true darkness cannot be destroyed; it can only be contained. Like a frozen disease found in a mammoth bone, Earth is able to hide what was once exposed and dangerous of nature. I was shown by the universe in many a situation not to send anger or hate or try to destroy what was essentially a black hole of darkness