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Share Your Essence with Nature

Share Your Essence with Nature Standing Ones through Rainie Rice

Rainie: I have received stories for many years from nature and animals. Recently, the spirit of Mother Earth said it is time to share the stories. One of the places I frequently visit is on the edge of a city park, where I have been communicating with three trees for some time. As I sat before them recently, I expressed how I felt by saying, “I am in wonderment over all that I am and all that we are together as one.” They asked me to share this message with you.

Standing Ones: Pick a subject, heartfelt from your expanded consciousness, and we will respond with love to you. You are closely connected with the Standing Ones, as you call them. There are many wonders in your world. One subject in the forefront now is that we are all one. This is not a new concept, as many are beginning to understand and know we are all created from the same source. What allows the seemingly different parts of us to connect and express across species — nature to human, human to animal, and nature to nature? What is that which you cannot grasp in your hand or your mind? The only way to access that knowing is to go within, be still, let go of all beliefs and judgments, and become as one.