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The Shadow of Humanity Is Exposed

The Shadow of Humanity Is Exposed Donna Taylor

These are testing times for everyone, but it could be argued that they are particularly arduous for lightworkers and all those who have long believed we are on the path to ascension. Perhaps we didn’t expect it to be this difficult or that we would have to sail so close to the wind. So it’s easy to become despondent as we look around, and it’s easy to think that maybe it is all descending into a nightmare. We might wonder if we are heading for a totalitarian state in which we can’t go anywhere without showing our papers or speak out against the official narrative. It’s easy to see that the division between people is leading to a schism that might not be healed and will lead us to live in an “us versus them” world.

For some lightworkers, burnout might be a real issue, as we are called on as never before to heal, help, illuminate, and guide. Witnessing all the pain and trauma of our fellow beings and the planet can be incredibly painful for sensitive souls, and many might dream of escaping and living an easier life. Some might feel like giving up, or health issues might make it difficult to play the lightworker role with passion, commitment, and determination. But continue we must, and at the same time, we must make our own well-being and that of our families our priority. If the darkest hour is before the dawn, then this is humanity’s equivalent.