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See Your Life As a Colorful Tapestry

See Your Life As a Colorful Tapestry Highest Council of Light through Penni Moore

Good day to all lightbeings. Some of you are struggling with what direction to take at this time. Your paths are unfolding as they were laid out to be. Humans get into trouble when they cannot see what is going on behind the scenes at any given time. This struggle is not only within you individually but also the collective as a whole.

This channel [Penni] recalls that life is living us as a species. All direction and activation of the energy downloads come from the divine blueprint within each of you. As the energies from other planets, star systems, and the Central Sun come to the planet, assimilations and activations take place within the corporal body. This stimulates humans into action through the knowledge received within. We trust this gives you a better idea as to how ideas and inspirations are processed within and acted on.