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Reconnect to Lemurian Consciousness

Reconnect to Lemurian Consciousness Shekina Rose

“Lemuria” — when saying this word, so many images flood people’s minds: dolphins, crystals, beings of light, and water (especially the Pacific and Indian Oceans). What about Lemuria fascinates the hearts of those in the modern world? It is quite a magical place, a place that seems far divorced from our current reality. But is it just about the dolphins, crystals, and magic? Lemuria is more than crystals, dolphin songs, and beings that we long to experience in our meditations. They serve as a conduit to reconnect to what Lemuria truly represented.

Lemuria is not only a location but a state of mind, a space within human consciousness. What is not emphasized enough about the lost civilization of Lemuria is that it was an etheric representation of a unified state of consciousness.