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Predictions Can Lead to Change

Predictions Can Lead to Change Kevin Raphael Fitch

The astrologer and his student sat outside the front entrance of a retreat near the summit of a hill in Afarland, off the eastern coast of Africa. The student said, “I know this is 2021, but may I share my thoughts about the new year’s chart for year 2020?” “

Certainly,” the astrologer said. The student said, “Venus, the lord of the ascendant for the whole year 2020, was also the lord of the Eighth House, the mortality rate. Venus’s sign Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, happens to be about one degree away from that same Eighth House of death. Saturn, the social order and the co-ruler of Aquarius, was in Capricorn, less than one degree away from Pluto (death and destruction). Also in the new year’s chart, Pluto rules the Second House, which forms a polarity because it opposes the Eighth House.”