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Keys to Unlocking Brilliant Futures

Keys to Unlocking Brilliant Futures Lazaris through Jach Pursel

We have talked over the years about uncharted futures that will become uncharted presents against the backdrop of the past. We have talked of those uncharted futures becoming uncharted presents that you will confront or encounter or both. They’re here now. The uncharted is here now. We have talked about, and you have experienced, the unraveling and crumbling of the old systems and institutions, the ways things work in the world, and the ways of doing and being. That is part of the uncharted. And it expands, deepens, and sharpens the uncharted of the future and the present that it creates.

You — a powerful masterful magician — were ready to take on the uncharted. Or you thought you were. But no one was ready — no one — for the unbelievable, unimaginable, and unfathomable uncharted state of your reality now, the uncharted of 2020, 2021, and now 2022. No one was fully ready for the unraveling or the crumbling that has taken place, and it knocked you for a loop.