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It Is Time to Realize We Are One Human Species

It Is Time to Realize We Are One Human Species The Sidhe through Jaap van Etten

The awareness that we live in a time of transition is expanding. That is true for humans, but it is equally valid for us, the Sidhe. Five or six years ago, when a few of us were communicating with who we call our messenger, resulting in a book,1 we were not aware of that. We would not have believed it if somebody had told us. But we have changed much since then. We would like to share some aspects of our change, as they are relevant for humanity at large. Yes, we are part of that humanity, of which we are now fully aware.

The Four Worlds Are Connected

As we shared in the mentioned book, we saw ourselves as separate from you humans. We thought that we were completely different from you and better. We live in a higher level of consciousness, and as such, we had to be better. At that time, we never wondered why there was a separation between humans and us. We saw that, based on our differences, as natural and accepted it as a fact