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The Chamber of Holiness of Being

The Chamber of Holiness of Being The Divine Mother through Miriandra Rota

I would like to reach into the depths of that which you are and bring forth those truths that have been either denied or inaccessible. This is not a result of anything that you have done well or done incorrectly. Those deep truths have been waiting for the moment when you are ready. In truth, you have always been ready, but this journey within physicality and its illusionary presentation of separation from the whole has left many focusing on the external world.

This, of course, is natural, but I wish to deliver to that which resides within the core of your being and is truth beyond words and the saving grace while you call forth for sanity to return to physicality. It is the love that I hold for your struggles and your efforts to be as whole in your consciousness as you can be that calls forth these words.