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The Zone of Deserving

The Zone of Deserving Mother Earth through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Gillian: The role of designer that you so seek to acquire lives deep within the cellular structure of your being. It is not housed in haphazard musing. It resides within all potential, tapped and untapped under the multidimensional structure of you. When you sense a lack in your life, you immediately move your being into that point and reunite with that structured formation — not as punishment but as a teaching.

When you place yourself in the zone of deserving, you become magnetic to all possibilities that exist beyond the limitations of your dimensional surveillance. You seek what you know yourself to be. You seek to learn, and in that expansion, all are served. You seek to become blessed and to find love. Yet all these qualities are inherent within your creational field.

It is by the profound understanding of embracing what you think you need to be, receive, and know that you will fully walk into the distant land that holds these truths. The mechanics of manifestation, of creating, will be redefined for you in the upcoming times. The words “want” and “need” will no longer describe who you are. “Have,” “create,” and “deserve” will be where you land, as you are flown through this universal understanding of who, in truth, you really are.