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You Will Be Called to Where You Belong

You Will Be Called to Where You Belong Lord Sanat Kamura with the Great Divine Director through Maureen St. Germain

Lord Sanat Kumara: This is Lord Sanat Kamura who is speaking to you from my spaceship just beyond your Earth atmosphere. I am also within the field of the Great Divine Director, who will be joining this conversation. We wish to speak to you about the upcoming year and how you may best utilize your energies and activities for optimal results.

First, we wish to alert you that there will not be an “alert.” We want you to understand that you are beyond the point of huge problems or huge suffering. We assure you that you are safe, and remind you that your capacity to be where you need to be is very strong. You will be called to be in certain places. You will be energized to be in certain places. You will tell yourself, “I don’t know why, but I need to do such and such,” or “I don’t know why I need to go on this trip, but I feel it so strongly that I can’t resist.” Those are energies coming from afar to support you to be where you need to be.

Next, we wish to tell you that you are going to feel as if you don’t have enough energy. We give the metaphor of when you notice the battery power on your phone is running low and wonder, “Do I have enough battery power? Do I have a charger?” Treat yourself as you would your phone. Either plug into the wall and stay put, or plug into God and your meditations and stay put. If you need to be on the go, then plug into your angels, ascended master guides, and ET siblings who stand ready for you.