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The Year of Collective Breakthrough

The Year of Collective Breakthrough The Divine through Sara Wiseman

The soul collective wakes up this year. Starting with the shift in 2012, the soul collective has been awakening. As you arrive at 2020, you are aware that the collective is aware of itself. You are aware of yourselves as one, and you understand your power.

An example of the soul collective becoming actualized might be a person who has been bullied — not just by recent events but for many decades, since WWII. Since the 1930s, you have been bullied and threatened. Now, as the last of this generation decides to reincarnate, the spell is broken. You no longer exist in the trance of fear inhabited by your ancestors. Collectively, you let go of that past, and you emerge into a new reality.

Numerologically, 2020 is a 4 year. This is a year of organization, work, and building. It is about practically and methodically figuring out how things work and then making them work for you. It is a year of setting and completing goals in an organized fashion. It is a year of determination, work, and breakthrough.