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Why You Are Here

Why You Are Here The Pleiades White Buffalo People through Jaap van Etten

We are grateful for our increasing connections with humans. The essence of all connections is to grow, depending on your willingness to deepen a connection every time one is made. We are aware of the people who have made a connection with us through the White Buffalos. This connection is important: Connecting with the White Buffalo is an invitation to interact with the consciousness that is connected with them and with us.

We are glad you understand the principle of connection with consciousness from different star systems through portals. Connection through portals allows for a much deeper and more expanded interaction than otherwise would be possible. Also, the connections made through portals will bring more of our consciousness through the receiving person, infusing into your collective consciousness an increasing amount of information that can help people shift and change.

Humanity’s challenge is to step out of collective fear in all its facets. Fear keeps most people in the lower vibrations of the collective consciousness, slowing down the consciousness development of your entire collective. We and the many other beings from star systems who are here to support you on your journey can offer higher frequencies, but fear prevents people from connecting with them. That is why many beings send you messages that it is important to help yourselves and others transform fear and open the doors for deeper connections with higher levels of consciousness. We are grateful that you have listened and developed tools to help people in this transformational process.