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Use Emotional Energy to Create the Experience You Desire

Use Emotional Energy to Create the Experience You Desire Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

Emotions are extremely powerful energies in your learning process. While it is not always possible to control your emotions, you can enjoy the ride of the energies they embody and learn from your experiences of them. In the now time when you have an experience, the emotion is attached to it almost as an afterthought. In the future, you will first call forth the emotion and then the physical experience will follow. At this point, you will have become a powerful manifestor.

In the very near future, you will call forth the emotion you wish to experience for the desired energy it gives you — frequency. Some of you are doing this now to an extent, and are manifesting wondrous results. We encourage you all to do the same. Because you are not yet adept at simply choosing an emotion to feel, bringing it into your reality, and feeling it wholly and completely, you must first take baby steps. Following are instructions for practicing the conscious use of your emotions to create:

  • First, recall an experience in which you had or felt the emotion you wish to experience, such as love, happiness, joy, or satisfaction. Call the memory forth, and feel the emotion in your body. Then allow the memory to fade and focus on the feeling.
  • Notice where in your body you feel it and how it feels. Wallow in the feeling. As you practice this, you’ll find you will be able to recall the emotion more rapidly, until finally you are able to simply desire to feel a specific emotion and it arises within your body.
  • As you feel the desired emotion, grow it until it fills your entire body. When your body is completely satiated with the emotion, allow the emotion to radiate outward in all directions around you. Sense the energy of the emotion as it spreads out in front of you, to your sides, behind you, and above and below you. This sends the energetic frequency of the emotion out into the world.
  • As you continue growing the energy of the emotion, it will radiate beyond your world and into the universe. You will become a beacon of that energy; as you do so, you will draw to you all other energies that are in harmony with it.