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Transformations Are Happening

Transformations Are Happening The Collective through Cheryl Gall

Your state of awakening can appear as chaotic and fragmenting in your current reality. You question your purpose and whether you can endure it any further. The ego desperately hangs on to control everything to keep you separated with the feeling of being in control of creating reality. The exhaustion comes from working too hard to be separated from your higher self.

Your true natural state of being — your higher state, your source self — has always been present, just not fully embraced and recognized within. Most humans will never comprehend the depth and magnitude of the unraveling and healing that needs to be cleared to set you free.

Those who are not aware of what is going on will experience some very uncomfortable and challenging times. Those who understand can practice embracing these higher light frequencies. Doing the work to move through and release the old energies makes an easier transformation to consciousness.