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Thought and Belief Creation

Thought and Belief Creation The Celestial Beings and Creator through Rae Chandran

In these times, you have the potential to shift and balance all aspects of your life. If you look around, you will see great changes in all areas of life and in all countries. It may cause many to go into fear and anxiety. But this is an opportunity to shift many of the past timelines affecting you on a moment-to-moment basis. Then the question arises, “How do I this?”

In the pineal gland, there is a nerve center called the neuronal mass, which is connected to all past timelines and all past experiences. This nerve center acts as a light circuit whenever you have thoughts about any of the experiences you have in your life. For example, if you have a thought about money, then this nerve center will kick in, in a nanosecond, and all the experiences you have ever had with money and all the thoughts you have ever had about money will be ignited. This will send out a call or an energy to all the cells in the body, and then your body (in cooperation with the mind) will generate energy for the manifestation of that reality.

Your beliefs about your life fully connect with the energy in this nerve center. Thus, you will manifest your beliefs into your reality. Following is a simple tool to shift the energy in this nerve center.