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Shift into the Love That You Are

Shift into the Love That You Are Master Imhotep through Karinna Nielsen

Greetings! Allow me to begin by speaking about the prevailing energy of transition on your planet at this time. More and more, you may feel that the world as it is must change and that things cannot continue as they have been. Do you feel unwilling to play along with the way things have been going? Do you feel that you can no longer remain silent and that you must express your truth?

This is the great shift, my friends, and not only is it happening all around you but also within you. What you see unfolding outside you is a reflection of what is going on within all beings on the planet.

As you move through this great shift from one reality to the next, you have the possibility of living in two worlds. There is a new dimension — a new consciousness — pressing its way into your awareness. Breathe, meditate, and draw this new consciousness of love into your heart. Though this is a collective planetary shift, it is also a personal journey for each of you.