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The Return of the Goddess

The Return of the Goddess Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, a wondrous time has come — a time for which we have long awaited. Yes, you too have waited for the arrival of this blessed event, even though you knew not what it was. The focus for many thousands of years has been on God as the Father, and you have sought to embody his dominant virtues and attributes: power, will, wisdom, truth, and valor. Now it is time for the Goddess, your Mother God, to radiate the fullness of her love, compassion, creativity, and wisdom throughout this subuniverse. Every facet of creation is touched by this awesome gift.

Just as surely as you came into the world from the cradling warmth of your mother’s womb, so did we all burst forth as spirits from the womb of our Divine Mother God. From our Father God’s divine mind-essence came the white-fire-seed atoms of creation, which radiated into the heart center/core: the cosmic womb of our Mother God’s being. Through their unified desire, we radiated into individualized consciousnesses — spiritual expressions of such great and complex variety, it is beyond comprehension.

We have explained to you, over many years, how the rays of cosmic consciousness have changed colors and frequencies during each root race and subroot race eras. They increased or diminished in force, depending on the divine blueprint needed at the time or what was to be experienced and integrated within a certain era of humanity’s passage through the many ages.