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A Redoing of the Civil War

A Redoing of the Civil War John Adams through Robert Shapiro

I would like to talk for a short time about the United States.


Thank you. In the beginning of the United States, the vision was literally to try to unite. The purpose was to try to stop what the political community considered squabbling. Of course, it was pretty much a shooting war from one armed camp to another. This was really a carryover from previous countries that people were from. Also, old dynasties from those countries were attempting to rule with an iron fist, and in short it was a mess. So the main intention was to create unity.

After the Civil War, there was a loss of unity that has never been repaired. As a result, there is still strong resentment from former Confederate states and their sympathizers about the interactions with what they considered to be the ruling North. No one, especially in a country where people like to consider themselves free, likes to be ruled. In your now time, what is happening is a redoing of the Civil War. I think your political people have known this for a long time, and many others know it too.