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Reconnecting Humanity

Reconnecting Humanity The Collective Soul of Your Galaxy through Carolyn Gervais

I’m sure many of you old souls do not like the endless technological gadgets that take away from interacting with loved ones — your children, grandchildren, and friends. They have seemingly replaced you with the latest smartphone, robotic device, or computer that allows them to socialize with the whole world, as you move closer to the bottom of their list. How many of you really have family, relatives, friends, or parents that you spend quality time with anymore?

Technology can and does cause too much separation between people. There needs to be a time in the day when you allow yourself to put away you phone and computer and take notice of who and what is around you. At least share a smile with those you make eye contact with, if only to be part of and notice the rest of humanity for more than a couple moments.

This could apply even when you are in line to pay for something and the person behind or in front of you starts a conversation about something of interest. This is one way to connect with others in the world, and many such chance meetings nurture and unite more people at the heart level than you might suspect. Encounters like this happen frequently, and they are never accidents. They often create heart/soul connections that come from another time and place that you both need to experience before going your separate ways.