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Reclaim Your Internal Domain

Reclaim Your Internal Domain Cosmic Awareness through Michelle Frink

This Awareness [the Cosmic Awareness] indicates the year 2020, during the winter phase of January and February, will observe great hardships for many on Earth. The void state of the planet seeks a great awakening from the present shadow around the systems of sacrifice held within science, government, religion, and society. For many, this manifests as an inability to access and experience freedom, emotionally, mentally, or financially.

For those in the lower hemisphere, the transition into fall also brings about great chaos as cycles of release begin to mount with great intensity. Many animal, plant, fish, and bird life forms on the planet, specifically within the Southern Hemisphere, will seek to release their bonds. Many of them will have determined that they have effectively completed their service to Earth and humanity.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the state of void present in the depths of winter is the time when the seeds of thought get planted. It is a time of great programming by those in positions of power. It is also a great opportunity if you are awaked to experience a level of consciousness not previously known to gain entrance to a new connection with Earth and within the soul.