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The Power to Heal Anxiety

The Power to Heal Anxiety Archangel Metatron through Natalie Glasson

Great waves of love extend from my being to your essence and truth. I invite you in this moment to acknowledge your essence and truth. To do so is to recognize the space from which all that you are expands. You do not need to consciously understand your essence and truth to realize that a well of wonder — infinity, love, peace, and so much more — within you is truly liberating.

Your power is activated, and it pulses through your being. This creates a surge of Creator energy that inspires and empowers you. When you connect with and create from the space of your truth and essence, you allow yourself to become and experience all the possibilities and opportunities available to you. Life becomes more fulfilling and enlightening, and it has a powerful guiding flow of energy that seems to gently steer you to experience deep blossoming.

This divine flow of your truth and essence allows you to experience your spiritual abilities, intelligence, intuition, physical health, inner joy, fulfilment, and all that you are at the highest and most evolved capacity. It fuels your entire being to be your divine, sacred self. Imagine yourself liberated, free from limitations and blockages, and empowered by the truth of the Creator. You do not even need to know what this would be like; simply acknowledge it for a moment.