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Phone Calls from the Future — Chapter 1: Mining on the Moon

Phone Calls from the Future — Chapter 1: Mining on the Moon Doc through Robert Shapiro

Some people on Earth are striving to do something that has been the subject of science fiction for years: create a community on the Moon. People are working on it now in my time. There is also an individual who wants to colonize Mars, but realistically speaking, the Moon can be used first as a training ground. From there, perhaps they can try to get to Mars.

I want to talk about this a little bit because it will be done. I am not going to discuss what has been done in the past or what’s happening in your time other than to mention that there is no question that mining is happening on the Moon and that most of the people who are doing the mining now are not Earth people. I will acknowledge that. But the reason I’m coming through to speak about this is because it is going to happen in your future, and there is money behind it.

People can see that the Moon could become a place where things can be mined. Partly, the reason people can see this is that astronauts have had experiences that have allowed them to notice others — extraterrestrials — mining the Moon. This has been discussed a bit in the past, but I want to mention it because now there is a choice to do so. At one time, we were part of the community of Earth people that will develop on the Moon. We were initially there to mine and explore what deposits on the Moon could be exploited or fulfill Earth’s needs. After a while, it became a place to simply interact with extraterrestrials in a safe and mutually beneficial way. I feel that might be an interesting thing to explore.