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A New Version of Earth Is Coming to a Sky Near You

A New Version of Earth Is Coming to a Sky Near You St. Peter through Robert Shapiro

There are events that will be unfolding in this new year of the Gregorian calendar. These events will encompass things you will see, and you don’t have to have special abilities to see them. For example, things will be seen in the sky that are not just moving lights, as many of you have seen in many places on the planet. Many of you will see a quick image of something that reminds you of a city in the sky.

Some people will see it as a pastoral image, others will see it as buildings and structures, and still others will get a sensation. Understand that the image might be there for just a second or maybe a second and a half. Others will feel like there are people moving around, after the image has passed.

What you are seeing is the next version of Earth, which is forming in this exact space. Of course, it is in another dimension. But because it is forming in this exact space, you are seeing it in the sky, on the horizon, or above the horizon. It is going to be something that grows from the inside out. Imagine that it is like any small thing that gets larger, and (in this case), it is spherical.