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New Season of the Soul

New Season of the Soul The Rainbow Walker Tribe through Matthew Douglas & Cheryl Rae

The world is inundated with falseness. It is an echo chamber of untruth and awash in stagnation. You once moved forward, but now you cease to know the way. You were once so certain, but now you doubt and question. You question not only the way forward but the way inward. You question how to get out into the world and, more importantly, how to get into yourself.

In this new season (by “season,” we mean the year 2020), you find yourself immersed in the falseness of reality and personal exclusion from the world of love, light, and acceptance. What is the way forward? The way forward is the way inward: Trust your soul for guidance. Trust the feelings that ring bells in your body, fiber, and being. Staying alert to and aware of your feeling tells you something is not right in the world; something does not add up. There is a fog of misdirection.

This season, more trust will come from your inner self than from the world at large. More trust will come from your inward journey to locate your outer journey. This world, which is immersed in falseness and a deep ocean of instability, breeds the opportunity for the greatness of your soul — the greatness of your advancement and ascension to a new understanding of being and a new understanding of letting others be. In this new understanding, you will settle into feelings of tranquility and peaceful serenity.