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Mudras for Self-Discovery

Mudras for Self-Discovery Lord Buddha and Master Adama through Lisa Wozniak

Lisa: While doing the following mudras, position your fingers and hands as shown in the following photos (images 1 through 4). Close your eyes, and inhale and exhale deeply and slowly. Allow yourself to follow your breath, relaxing deeper and deeper as you hold the mudra. Practice each mudra daily for as long as you feel guided to do so and for whatever duration is most comfortable for you.

Buddha: Greetings! I am Lord Buddha. Peace extends from deep within my being to you. Inhale deeply the peace I share with you; breathe it into your body, mind, emotions, and (ever so deeply) soul.

As peace settles within your being, I present to you a question: What do you believe yourself to be? Contemplate this for a moment. Do you believe you are your body, emotions, mind, or thoughts? What is beyond your thoughts? What do you believe yourself to be?