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The Master Awakens through Awareness

The Master Awakens through Awareness The Divine Directors through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Welcome to all. Each being is the one, calling out to you with sincerity, love, and presence. As you breathe deeply into this moment, simply relax and invite your ignited heart to come forward as the master connecting with this sharing. How you experience this sharing will be the reflection of the divine presence of your heart or your mind.

Within the energy of illumination — without exception and the neutrality of all energy — the choice of heart or mind rests solely within you. This is your decision, as the leader of the divine union of your life experience is solely yours. The culmination of the year 2019 ignites the blooming lotus energy of the illumination of everything without exception. This journey into the depth of mastery awareness is the gift that is before you now as you stare into the coming year of divine experience.

Let us first share the simple reminder that to call forward a truly beauty-filled blooming lotus is to recognize that all the moments of 2019 were in alignment with the depth of your soul’s energy of presence. What does that mean to the one connecting with this sharing?