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The Language of Symbols

The Language of Symbols Vywamus through Dorothy Bodenburg

Unfortunately, because change happens so fast and dramatic right now due to an invocation within the very basic nature of humanity to create and explore on all levels, there is a backlash. Individuals, groups, and nations have reacted to the technology that has forced change whether it was wanted or not. This forced connotation produces a sense of helplessness with managing the change to ensure you are valued for improving the human condition and not just for the profits of those companies that produce the technology causing so much change right now.

The connection point of contact between the soul/being energy field and the implementation capabilities of the personality level that is the delivery system of form is the intuitive level whose language is symbols. A symbol is the best possible statement or expression for something either essentially unknowable or not yet known given the present state of consciousness. Interpretations of symbols are attempts to translate and communicate their meaning.

The interpretation of symbols happens through intuitive perception. The intuition is the point of integration of form and energy understood through the symbol. The symbol is a creative solution to this connection point of energy and form. The symbol presents an option for forward movement that includes something of both — not simply a compromise, but an amalgamation that calls forth a new attitude on your part and a new kind of relation to the world.