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The Knowledge of Your Spiritual Force

The Knowledge of Your Spiritual Force Aleph through Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings. Mercy. Space is shifting, and if you can reflect back to October 2, 2019, you experienced the space shifting. For many of you, it caused dizziness. When this happens again, you have to focus on the solar plexus and the heart chakras, and move the energy back to the spine. The space is shifting. It is like a Rubik’s cube shifting around you, and you are in it. In fact, you are in each of the cubes, or squares, as it shifts, so you need to center yourself and be present with the Presence.

The reason to center yourself is that as the space shifts, your lightbody (what you beings call your high self), which is in the space that you can’t see, starts entering the bones. The primary entry point is the pelvis. A dog walks horizontally, and when its spiritual force enters its body, it enters at the pelvis area and then follows along the spine up to the head. You are vertical, and you are doing the same thing vertically. You (the high self of you) comes in at the hips and follows up the spine to the head. When this happens, the hips are going to take an enormous amount of pressure. The pressure is actually going to be light.

The light moves into the bones, and the bones are becoming more crystalline, so you have to be very delicate with yourselves in your thought processes. You have to slow things down now. An easy way to recognize when it is necessary to slow things down is to pay attention to the palms in both hands. There is an energy that comes out of there, and a lot of people use the energy in their palms only to push energy.