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I Am Life

I Am Life Center of A through Debbie Anderson

I am at the beginning.
I am at the end.
I am the journey that is universal.
I am full of gratitude and blessings.
I am life.
This opening statement — or incantation, if you prefer — is very relevant and will be something you embrace as you emerge into 2020 and beyond. We want to connect with and remind everyone open to receive that this year will be one of much transition in relation to balancing in full awareness — consciously as well as on a cellular level.

January will be explosive for everyone — and not the usual easy transition into a new year. Although part of the awakening, it is also going to be a wave, a flow, bringing vibrational balance both within and without based on the I Am concept becoming your reality and being. You will take full responsibility for what you have created, suppressed, and brought about to yourself and others.