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Humanity Is Awakening by Leaps and Bounds

Humanity Is Awakening by Leaps and Bounds The Highest Council of Light through Penni Moore

Dear light messenger, it is with great joy and enthusiasm that we freely speak to you today. As you know, more and more people are awakening with each passing day. This is great news for us in the spiritual realms. As you would say, “There is no turning back now.”

You realize the strong hold that the dark forces have on humanity and their power is declining rapidly. The dark souls are clamoring to hold on to the power that they appear to have. But this will be to no avail.

Planet Earth is being helped by many lightbeings from other worlds at this time. If you knew and saw what is occurring behind the scenes, you would be totally amazed. Picture it all as if you are sitting back viewing one of your movies, and while watching, you become very excited and thrilled that the light is winning over the dark by leaps and bounds. This is one way of explaining the sheer velocity and appearance of what is being divinely guided for humanity.