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Humanity Ascends Abandonment by the Gods

Humanity Ascends Abandonment by the Gods The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Quantum masters, your individual soul’s bio-ascension as your own unique creator is fully activated. As the pioneers of new-heart-DNA-essence consciousness, you are the templates for the new quantum-creation physics of new-essence qualities of love within ascended living. All will experience cycles of transmutation symptoms on a daily basis that allow for immediate self-realized choices, as well as the vibrational stability of the essence-particle light core.

Changing DNA-cell consciousness of every life form in your world while harvesting new existences as old Earth splits off into multiple realms and realities — this is the new form. This is the new norm. Bio-ascension is authenticated by the direct free-energy expression of unique, sovereign-soul-essence, DNA-heart presence as the only Creator of its embodied reality.

Humanity has been dealing with extreme polarity-creation memories and timeline existences while you were master coding the new DNA-essence heart imprint for the New Earth bio-light network systems. Eighty percent of humanity has been lost in a collective unconscious/unawakened mind-emotion state of extreme anger, within projections of thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, and actions. People’s inner subconsciouses have felt abandoned, betrayed, and rejected, and have lost trust in their old-dinosaur systems of government, religion, money, soulless relationships, and conditional loving and goodness. They have been hypnotized to believe the soul can be bought or sold by anyone or anything without responsibility or ramification of imbalanced energy exchange.