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The Healing Epoch Lasers with Tesla-Driven Venusian Technology

The Healing Epoch Lasers with Tesla-Driven Venusian Technology Jim Ohneck

Dr. Raja Merk Done and MoniKA Seraphina

In 1959, Margaret Storm wrote: “Nikola Tesla, the Venusian superman, who arrived on this Earth in a spaceship as a tiny baby, and who grew to maturity to fulfill his great mission... that of assisting Ascended Master Saint Germain to set up the machinery for the new scientific civilization that is lifting the Aquarian Age to heights of glory.”

Tesla left behind a group of dedicated scientists and inventors who have followed in his footsteps to bring helpful and healing devices of light to humanity. Jim Ohneck is one such scientist. This famed Tesla-initiate scientist created Epoch Lasers Inc., a visionary company, to bring healing technology of the future into today’s health and prevention communities across the world.

The severe effects of opioid medication on humans can be effectively reduced by this Aquarian Age laser technology — without additional addictive and costly pain medications. The healing light of the laser works to reduce pain instantaneously and stimulates healing of the tissues with short and effective treatments that are simple to administer in the office or at home.