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Heal Your Soul with Supporting Energies

Heal Your Soul with Supporting Energies Lord Maitreya through Rae Chandran

Greetings and blessings. This is Lord Maitreya. Welcome to today’s teaching on the vast and uplifting subject of the supporting energies available to you. These alignments were set up before you were born with the help of your guides and your soul self.

In the ever-expanding experience desired by your soul, certain frequencies are needed for your soul to grow and your personality to develop in a mature, loving way that can create balance and harmonization. When the soul decides to come back to Earth for its next round of reincarnation, it intentionally sets up roadblocks and other challenges to spur overall growth in all areas of your life. Your soul knows about potential stumbling blocks in Earth life and how these can create disharmony in your everyday life. Along with these challenges, the soul also provides supportive energy and solutions to overcome obstacles. These include certain people, animals, plants, star systems, metals, and minerals. When you are born, none of these setups are remembered, and you literally fall into the world of forgetfulness and illusion.

One of the most prominent alignments set up by your soul is a deep connection to the original energy that seeded this planet — that is, of dragons. Dragons are an integral part of Earth and helped set up the many gridlines crisscrossing this planet. Human beings know this on a deep level and seek alignment with gridlines in various places on Earth and also through various art forms.