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The God Code in Humanity and Earth’s Unique Ascension DNA

The God Code in Humanity and Earth’s Unique Ascension DNA Sophia of Wisdom through Judith K. Moore & Sean Sands

Divine ones, you are far more incredible than what you understand. You are part of a plan of creation to restore oneness. You have within your DNA the ascension code for the genesis of creation. It is primordial in the human and planetary DNA. Earth is being infused with powerful vibrations from creation awakening the precious pearl of wisdom within the human soul and opening the heart resonance for the evolution of consciousness out of duality and into the oneness of love.

Throughout the ages, humanity has been observed by highly intelligent species who realize that the evolution of consciousness of Earth affects the zones of energy of consciousness in many other realms, realities, and planetary systems because Earth is a genetic key to material existence. In that which attains a state of knowing, eternal wisdom within the human psyche actually expands potential for other such energies to develop in the consciousness of other species.

Earth is not the only planet inhabited by diverse species, not just in the animal kingdom but also diverse species of human-like beings. Earth is not the only planet adversely affected by the chaos of discordant reality and blockages in the psyche that create judgment and expectations.