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Enter the New Realm

Enter the New Realm Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings, my dears! I’ve decided to speak with you about the new realm that is manifesting on Earth. Some of you have heard about it and read renditions of what this new realm is about. Some of you have never heard about it. That’s all right if you haven’t. We are all on equal footing as we begin.

What is the new realm, and why is it manifesting here on Earth? Let’s begin with the basics. As you have perhaps heard me say many times, everything is a frequency, and it is the same with the new realm. What is the frequency’s purpose? That’s a deeper question. Here we go.

The new realm is part of a consciousness that flows forth from the all, from eternity, to provide a residing place for those who are awake or awakening, for those who have discovered that the spiritual path is the only path. Regardless of a being’s appearance or path, all paths are spiritual and all beings are one being. Don’t fret if you can’t make yourself fit into any of these words. We are not here to try to fit into anything. We are here to be who we really are and disregard who we have been trying hard to be.