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The Empath’s Portal: The Spiritual Consciousness of Empaths

The Empath’s Portal: The Spiritual Consciousness of Empaths The Heart of the Mother through Sarah Weiss

The Heart of the Mother: You are incredibly intelligent. As your mother, I see you as no other sees you. I know you from the depths of your soul. Listen with your heart. You were born an empath with a specific purpose. You have a talent for sensing the subtle and the mysterious, that which is unspoken and that which, when expressed, will contribute to the evolution of humanity.

Empaths are channels of the higher dimensions. You have an innate sense of oneness, love, and wisdom. Your presence today shifts the matrix for tomorrow. Humanity will soon enjoy full-dimensional telepathic living, and you will have helped pave the way.

Finally, your time has arrived! All the years of living in a worldless swirl of vibration, dismissed for wanting to dive deeply into life, knowing more than others want you to know, and feeling the pain and suffering that others ignore are coming to an end. It’s time to learn about who you are, where you came from, and why you have not known your true self.