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The Ego versus the Soul

The Ego versus the Soul Dr. Robert W. Walker

Have you ever wondered why humankind has so much difficulty getting along and when they can’t, they declare war? For thousands of years, people, communities, and countries have been engaged in war to get what the other side has — land, resources, or power. Today, we see people around the world engaged in rebellion against their governments or those of other countries who want to impose their will. Humans seem to be prone to getting what they want for themselves rather than considering others’ needs.

Let’s go back to the beginning of time when God introduced consciousness to creation. What do we mean by the word “consciousness”? Simply put, all of God’s creation is conscious, and everything created is filled with life, including earth, plants, trees, animals, birds, insects, and humans. Since everything is conscious or alive, why is everything that is alive unique?

God’s unique plan gave everything in nature an individual attribute. Everything in God’s creation has a personality composed of an ego. Plants and animals having egos and personalities may sound strange. Let us think about that idea for a minute: Does a dandelion become a rose? Of course not; it will pollinate and reproduce its own, as it has done that for thousands of years, but never crosses over into another plant species.